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Jul 23, 2008
A Very Long Time!!!

Wow, it has been so long since I have posted anything about Poolie!!  Not that any one ever comes here and reads anything.  It is more for my benefit, I guess.  The last entry was her starting school, and now she is in her second year and I have not even been here to say anything!!!  Nana is slipping!  Or maybe she is busy.

As all around me knows, I work more than the average person.  I seem to have to always work to help the ends see each other.  Someday, maybe they will formally meet!!!

Poolie is now 6 years old.  she is in Kindergarten at Paul's Christian Academy.  She loves school.  She is a very happy child, and very well adjusted.  She wonders why she has a different kind of lifestyle than most of her school friends, but she also knows she doesn't lack in the love department.  She is the 'queen of our world'!!  The last time she saw her mom was on her 6th birthday, last March.  She calls every once in a while.  Toot talks about her often, and we look at pictures of her and her brothers, so she has a little bit of insight as to what is going on in their lives.  After the last brother was born a few months ago, we took a trip down there to Marrero to see Mom and  the boys.  They were doing fine!  All is welll.  Surprisingly, Toot didn't ask to stay.  she was content to visit and come back home. 

She still likes her sippie cup and her 'Chachie Milk"!!  She still thinks she is our little baby, and she is!!! 

I just entered another post.  I forgot I started this one.  See, I am slipping!  But, nobody comes here anyway, so it really doesn't matter much.

I will be back to post more.  Right now, Shelby, Lillie, Etta, Bud and yesterday, Jossie were/are here.  Jaime and Joe came by to get Joss last night.  She spent the night the night before.  I love her, and I miss her so.  That is for another day!!!

Toot loves having the kids around.  She slept with Shelby.  She loves Shelby alot!!  I would like it if she could go to Shelby's house for a few days before school starts.  That would be awesome!! Maybe I will make the suggestion for her to go sometimes this week.  Shelby needs to be back before the weekend.  Jossie has her third Birthday Party...y'all come!!!!


Posted at 06:39 am by Beeba
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Nothing New!!!

Been ages since I have been here.  There is so much to tell.  Tootchie is really growing up/  Where hs my baby gone??  She is 7 now, and has started school.  First went to Christian School, but life happened, so she is in public school now.  I hate that, but what is one to do ??? 

She loves her 'friends', her pool, her bike, she can ride with no wheels now....training, that is!!!  No  wheels...ha!!  That would be a kick!!!

She gets swimmers ear when she swims though.  I feel so bad for her cause she enjoys it so much.  Her pool has a hole in it, so we can't get in it right now. 

Toot has issues sometimes when she is not the only child.  She is spoiled, what can I say??  But, she loves having the other kids around.  Just so they don't pay any attention to me, then it's on!!!  She's a good kid though. She is the sunshine of our lives.  Pop loves her so much!!  We love him, too!!!

Posted at 06:32 am by Beeba
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Aug 13, 2006
Growing Up

Poodo is staring school tomorrow,  that makes me happy and sad.  Why does she have to grow up..... teehee   She is so excited!!!  Will post more later!!! 

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Feb 22, 2006
Time For Poolie!!!!

I change her name so often.  The poor child doesn't know what I will come up with next.  Good thing she answers to just about anything!!!!

She has really had a hard time since I have taken this job with Shaw.  She has been going to work with me since she was 2 weeks old.  Now, after over 4 years, she can't go with me.  She has had a really tough time, thinking hse is abandoned or something.  The hardest thing I have to do is leave her when she is awake before I leave.  I go about 3:30 am, and she doesn't understand.  Good thing Pop is still here and can passify her until she goes back to sleep.  I will talk to her on the phone and calm her down.  She is getting better.  My friend, Linda, is here from Texas and helps immensely with her.  I am so fortunate!!!!!

The current job is ending, but, other thing are opening up elsewhere.  I wil see.....

Poodo really does say some funny things.  She is in to playdough now.  She has a colioring book with play-dough characters on the cover.  All she talks about is the "play-dough man", and she wants one.......are there any such character???  I hope so, because she wil nt let us rt until she gets one.  On the lookout.........

She is getting so graow-up.  I had 5 girls, but, the memories come flooding back when she does and says certain things.  They grow so fast!!!

 Will go for now..  Poodo and me will be back soon....

Posted at 12:49 pm by Beeba
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Jul 6, 2005

Our little girl is growing up!!  She has gained some independence from us.   She is starting to sleep with Shelby and Lillie, they stay up later than we do!!!  That is the culprit!!   She is getting out of habit of a sippie cup with "chachie milk", and not so upset when I 'leave' her in the morning when I go to work.  However, she runs to me and hugs me and tells me she is so glad I am home!!!   Maybe, just maybe, she loves me after all!!!   They grow so fast!!!

Shelby is going to go stay with her dad when he gets out of the hospital for a few days.   Lacey is supposed to come for the weekend.   Not sure yet.   We will see Friday.   Toot will be happy to see her!!  

Pop and Toot are having a dis-agreement....wonder who will win?   Depending on the situation,   my money is on Toot!!!!! 

Posted at 08:25 pm by Beeba
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Mar 8, 2005
Sudden Change!!!!

I was going to use this blog for the entries of Toot, ie; Poodo, but I will be taking the idea of hubby.  He has one dedicated to her, so I will find another use for this.  I, however, reserve the right to  keep the name the same!!!!!   Do you mind terribly, Sweetheart????   I knew you wouldn't!!!    (he said no!!)

Anyway, while I think of another use for this, cause I really want to keep it, I will continue to post, when I can, at the original one.   Till then, check back from time to time to see what I come up with!!!   I have been accused of being 'long-winded', so, it shouldn't take too long, cause it happens to be the truth!!!   I confess!!!!!!!..................................

Posted at 06:44 pm by Beeba
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Mar 4, 2005

Beeba shall be here soon to tell all her amazing stories of Poodo's Adventures.

Posted at 01:07 pm by princessdeirdre
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