Entry: Sudden Change!!!! Mar 8, 2005

I was going to use this blog for the entries of Toot, ie; Poodo, but I will be taking the idea of hubby.  He has one dedicated to her, so I will find another use for this.  I, however, reserve the right to  keep the name the same!!!!!   Do you mind terribly, Sweetheart????   I knew you wouldn't!!!    (he said no!!)

Anyway, while I think of another use for this, cause I really want to keep it, I will continue to post, when I can, at the original one.   Till then, check back from time to time to see what I come up with!!!   I have been accused of being 'long-winded', so, it shouldn't take too long, cause it happens to be the truth!!!   I confess!!!!!!!..................................


March 19, 2005   04:49 PM PST
Love ya too!
I just found out that you closed your other blog. Maybe this one can stay open for when one day... it could be like a year from now... you feel like blogging again. But please do only what is best for you Dear Sweet Beeeba!
March 9, 2005   10:04 PM PST
Thanks, Safe!! Remember YOU said it!!! teeheee..... I may change from time to time....maybe!!!
March 9, 2005   09:06 AM PST
Hey Beeba

Iíll be making more layouts with Christian themes. Let me know if you like one of them better and remember that you can change them as often as you want.

Love ya Sweetie!

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