Entry: MY POODO DON'T LOVE ME... Jul 6, 2005

Our little girl is growing up!!  She has gained some independence from us.   She is starting to sleep with Shelby and Lillie, they stay up later than we do!!!  That is the culprit!!   She is getting out of habit of a sippie cup with "chachie milk", and not so upset when I 'leave' her in the morning when I go to work.  However, she runs to me and hugs me and tells me she is so glad I am home!!!   Maybe, just maybe, she loves me after all!!!   They grow so fast!!!

Shelby is going to go stay with her dad when he gets out of the hospital for a few days.   Lacey is supposed to come for the weekend.   Not sure yet.   We will see Friday.   Toot will be happy to see her!!  

Pop and Toot are having a dis-agreement....wonder who will win?   Depending on the situation,   my money is on Toot!!!!! 


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