Entry: Time For Poolie!!!! Feb 22, 2006

I change her name so often.  The poor child doesn't know what I will come up with next.  Good thing she answers to just about anything!!!!

She has really had a hard time since I have taken this job with Shaw.  She has been going to work with me since she was 2 weeks old.  Now, after over 4 years, she can't go with me.  She has had a really tough time, thinking hse is abandoned or something.  The hardest thing I have to do is leave her when she is awake before I leave.  I go about 3:30 am, and she doesn't understand.  Good thing Pop is still here and can passify her until she goes back to sleep.  I will talk to her on the phone and calm her down.  She is getting better.  My friend, Linda, is here from Texas and helps immensely with her.  I am so fortunate!!!!!

The current job is ending, but, other thing are opening up elsewhere.  I wil see.....

Poodo really does say some funny things.  She is in to playdough now.  She has a colioring book with play-dough characters on the cover.  All she talks about is the "play-dough man", and she wants one.......are there any such character???  I hope so, because she wil nt let us rt until she gets one.  On the lookout.........

She is getting so graow-up.  I had 5 girls, but, the memories come flooding back when she does and says certain things.  They grow so fast!!!

 Will go for now..  Poodo and me will be back soon....


February 22, 2006   12:59 PM PST
So sorry about all the mistakes. I had "help"!!!!!!!! Guess from who...

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