Entry: Nothing New!!! Jul 23, 2008

Been ages since I have been here.  There is so much to tell.  Tootchie is really growing up/  Where hs my baby gone??  She is 7 now, and has started school.  First went to Christian School, but life happened, so she is in public school now.  I hate that, but what is one to do ??? 

She loves her 'friends', her pool, her bike, she can ride with no wheels now....training, that is!!!  No  wheels...ha!!  That would be a kick!!!

She gets swimmers ear when she swims though.  I feel so bad for her cause she enjoys it so much.  Her pool has a hole in it, so we can't get in it right now. 

Toot has issues sometimes when she is not the only child.  She is spoiled, what can I say??  But, she loves having the other kids around.  Just so they don't pay any attention to me, then it's on!!!  She's a good kid though. She is the sunshine of our lives.  Pop loves her so much!!  We love him, too!!!


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