poppa » Hi Nana ad Tootchie
jacq » hi.. bloghopped
Beeba » I did!!! Why haven't you been by to see, Tudie?????...........
Deirdre » Yep. Time to post something funny about poodo now.
Jaime » This blog is real cute
Jaime » will be cute anymore, cause pop has some funny, funny, things on his, and hey what do you remember about us that young?????? Love you and pop too and Joselynn loves yall too... Bye bye
Jaime » hey this is cute and i have never seen it before, I think you should do the toot thing too with things, she does with you, and you both can have those memories. toot will be bigger soon and nothing
Poppa » come on Non, I know stuff goes on while i'm at work. Turn loose of some of the funny / cute stuff.
Beeba » You two were having issues over the tv. You were watching weather, and she wanted a movie! I had already told her I wasn't giving up mine!!!!!
Poppa » what was the dis-agreement about?
Beeba » Thanks, Poppa. I don't want to take your idea. I love you too so much, I do!!!
Beeba » I just love the soft colors of this page. Are you listening, Tudie???
Poppa » I think you should use this blog for Toochee, like you started out to do.
pooza » Hi! Lovely blog
safe » It was my pleasure Beeba
Beeba » Hi Ya, Safe!! I love the look and the colors!!! Thanks so much!!!
safe » Hey Beeba
Beeba » Poodo is ni-nite!!!!
princessdeirdre » Where's Poodo?